Tournament Information

Winter Bash 2023 3 X 3 Hockey Tournament

Welcome to The Hockey Hub YYC’s Winter Bash 3 x 3 Tournament!

Here is everything you need to know:


  • U9 – Ages 7-8 (Coed)
  • U11 – Ages 9-10 (Boys)
  • U11 – Ages 9-10 (Girls)
  • U13 – Ages 11-12 (Boys)
  • U13 – Ages 11-12 (Girls)
  • U15 – Ages 13-14 (Boys)
  • U15 – Ages 13-14 (Girls)

Teams per Division: 4-6


  • Dec 27-30, 2023

Registering as a Team:

  • Max: 9 skaters & 1 Goalie
  • Min: 3 Skaters & 1 Goalie
  • Every team must have a team manager who will be the primary contact for the Hockey Hub YYC to work with.

Team Skill Level:

Youth Intermediate – Your team’s skill level average should be at a Tier 3 level. Players of various levels are welcome, but please keep teams balanced for optimal tournament conditions.


  • 3 minute warm-up
  • X2 20-minute periods
  • The home team must provide a volunteer for scorekeeping
  • 4 games guaranteed


  • No Intentional Contact
  • Run Time
  • Pull & Play
    • Goal is Scored – The scoring team must clear the zone past the center ice line. Once the opposing team crosses their blue line, play is live.
    • Goalie covers puck – All offensive players must clear the zone past the blue line, before they can attack.
    • Attacking prematurely may result in a penalty for the offending team.
  • Penalties – No penalties will be issued. When a penalty occurs, the player on the receiving end of the penalty will take a penalty shot at the opposing team. All players will line up on the blue line behind the shooter and chase the shooter up to the hash mark. If the shooter reaches the hash mark players must allow the shooter to finish their shot with no interference. If a chaser reaches the shooter before the hashmark they may attempt to steal the puck.
  • Offsides in effect
  • No icing calls
  • Shift Changes – Coaches on the bench will oversee shift changes. There will be no auto buzzer.
  • Teams do not switch ends after each period
  • Zero tolerance policy on verbal or physical abuse to our referee’s


  • $1,365 which includes jerseys for the team (this price is inclusive of GST)
  • $945 which does not include jerseys for the team (this price is inclusive of GST)
    • 20% non-refundable deposit due upon registration (this deposit is 20% of the Non-Jersey Rate)
    • The remaining payment is due Dec 1, 2023
    • Teams pay as a whole with no individual payments from players.
  • If you do not want a jersey, please email us at and we will send you a discount code to apply at checkout. This will be after the deposit is made. 

Cancellation Policy

If the Hockey Hub YYC cancels the tournament for any reason, a 100% refund will be given to each Team Manager.

If a team cancels but can fill their spot with another team, then the canceling team will receive a 100% refund. If a team cancels and is unable to fill their spot, then they will receive a 50% refund.